Best Article Writing Service for Konker SEO Blogs in 2018

Article Writing Tips for Bloggers & Online Writers

Content writing can be a challenging pursuit, that is until you figure out a system for systematically producing good-quality, usable content. And all that it really requires is a template, as any good writer will tell you.

The basics steps are to formulate a writing template as follows –

Knowledge of Subject

The world of content creation becomes immeasurably easier when you know something about the topic or subject that you are writing about, and what is more important is that the article becomes so much better for the reader, because reading an article written by someone who doesn’t know their subject is immediately apparent.

The article will have no depth, and the opinions expressed will be bland and generic at best, with no conviction, simply because the writer doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

If you’ve been tasked with writing a marketing article, and you don’t know a lot about marketing but you love surfing, put a surf spin on the article, for example – “Top Marketing Tips for Your Local Surf Shop.” This allows you to dip into your knowledge base by thinking about how your local surf shop does their marketing, and how effective that marketing is, or is not!



When you know something about your subject, whether it’s knitting sweaters or Konker SEO article writing can be enjoyable, and even fun.

Have A Focus

In exams the secret is always to answer the question, and with article writing it is all about addressing the title. Of course, with an article you go off on a little bit of a tangent to bring in a different perspective, but it is important to have a clear title, one that you will address in the article.

By having a title that gives you article direction and focus, and keeps you on topic, and helps your article to have the three key pieces to any story – a beginning, a middle and an end.

And ultimately, if you have something important that you don’t feel that you have the expertise for, remember there are lots of expert article writing agencies online, just type into your favourite search engine – best article writing agencies 2018, to get an idea of what will be available to you.