Thinking about starting a company newsletter?

Great idea!

Communication is a key element of good management, and a company newsletter is a cost-effective, productive way to communicate.

Surveys show that company newsletters are an ideal way to enhance your firm’s image – with the public, your customers and your employees. They are also a great way to increase your business.

A company newsletter brings your organization’s image before the public and brings your employees into closer communication with your firm’s decision makers. A well-written, attractively designed company newsletter promotes readership.

Whether it’s for your employees or strictly targeted to your customers, a newsletter effectively delivers your message to the right people.

Where do you start, and what do you want to say?

You know that your company will benefit from a newsletter. You can see it now – an attractive, well-written, informative publication.


    • Who will write it (you have no time and your employees have other priorities)?
    • Where will you find the photos?
    • How do you effectively display graphics?
    • Who will design the front-page logo that will give your publication its signature and instant recognition when it arrives in your readers’ hands?

Those are common concerns, but they shouldn’t be a reason for not having a newsletter.

Your staff members are skilled specialists. To produce an effective newsletter, you need a publication specialist, someone who knows how to accomplish your specific requirements.

At Put It In Writing, we’ve spent more than 20 years helping companies communicate effectively with newsletters. We will cull information from your assigned staff liaison to turn out news, company history, employee/customer profiles, project success reports, new company policies and procedures, announcements, humorous fillers and myriad other information that you want to convey to your readers.

We will work with your representative to determine each issue’s lead story, what photos will be used, and other details. All content will meet your objectives.

For continuity, we will put you on a regular publishing schedule. Based on this, we will schedule meetings, establish deadlines and set firm dates when you will receive publication proofs and the finished product.