At what age you should give pencils to your kids?

Kids start getting attracted to colors at the age of 18 months. This doesn’t mean that you let them play with colors, crayons, or pencils at such an early age. Well, you can get them crayons when they get 4-5 years old. You can get them kids pencils so they at least start getting to know about them that how they are going to use them. Well at 4-5 years of age they only start getting a little grip on the kid’s pencils.

Let your kids know the difference in colors

Like we said above, at the age of 4-5 years a kid will only learn how to get a grip on kids pencils. They won’t be able to write in a proper way. Well, this is also an important step of learning about the difference in colors.

You can get different colors of pencils and start teaching them the name of the colors. With color pencils, if you want your child to start writing or at least you want them to try writing get them a handwriting practice book. They can color on the practice book or start writing alphabets.

They start practicing writing

Well, every parent would want their child to start writing and learning new things at an early age. Every parent would want their kid to be brilliant. It is totally up to you how much time you give them so they learn something new from you. Like we are talking about writing and learning here.

  • If your kid already has started to write on their own and they have a good grip on the pencil now it is time to step no 2.
  • It would be better that you bring them a handwriting practice book.
  • Such handwriting practice books have alphabets written on them in dots so the kid will know how they need to join the dots with the help of the pencil.

At the age of 4-5 years, they will learn how to get a grip on a pencil, and at 8-9 years they will learn more about writing than just scribbling with pencils and crayons. 

Sometimes when kids start writing at an early age there will be two outcomes of such practice. Their handwriting is going to be so good or it is going to be really bad. If you think your kid doesn’t write in a proper way or they need to work on their handwriting then only practice will make it better.

The final words:

If you are thinking about bringing color pencils for your kids then the age limit is 4-5 years. Before that, they might not get a grip on it or learn anything out of it but they start eating them. Yes, kids get curious when you get them something new and before you buy them kids pencils, you should buy them crayons first. Let them just get a grip on them and let them play with it.